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We are an Internationally based organization geared toward improving the body, mind and spirit. Our courses of instruction include seminars, workshops, and clases in healing arts, yoga, tantra, martial arts, and shamanic studies. The instructors are internationally recognized for their dedication and offerings to areas of study they share.


Sohei International TM, , works primarily with yoga schools and martial arts schools bringing innovative training to not only improve individual practices, but to allow said schools an opportunity to train and then implement depth into their curriculums. Depth like Shugendo Yoga (with a recent published article ) , White Lotus Tantra training, Shamanic Warrior seminars, Healing/Restorative Arts seminars and so much more.

Did you know:

1.     In 2004 over 6.9 million Americans were actively practicing martial arts.

2.     Between 2002-2003 over 93 million people visited showings of martial arts movies

3.     According to, the average offered salary of a Taekwondo Instructor is $26,000 a year. While people claiming to be Martial Arts Instructors claim about $35,000 a year. If you change the search to just “Martial Arts” it bumps it to $36,000. “Self Defense”? $53,000 (over twice what “Taekwondo Instructors” make). Change your title to “Personal Safety Consultant” and you bump up to $59,000.
The point? How you sell yourself is everything. “Ninja” is apparently a $62,000 a year job.

4.     February 2005 statistics published in Yoga Journal show that the overall yoga market is a $3 billion business comprising 16.5 million active participants, or 7.5 percent of U.S. adults.

With statistics like these, knowing that there is a market within the industry, then why is it that some schools seem to achieve a lot more success than others?

Why are some schools struggling with only a handful of students while other schools seem to be bursting at the seams with students?

Are you capturing all the population available to you? Meaning- are YOU capitalizing on all the income available to you or are you self limiting due to the program, curriculum, or personal knowledge you offer?

In recent years martial arts and yoga have become much more commercialized and this has undoubtedly given rise to the “Mcdojo” or “Pretty People Only” as some like to put it.  Putting these aside, there are a lot of schools that are achieving success in all areas including an increase in student success and standards. Why? Because their curriculum provides depth and history, a trend that modern America is currently exploring and embracing. Students no longer just want yoga postures, or to learn to hit, block, punch. Students are demanding access to spiritual, healing, and psychological applications to both yoga and martial arts; and by providing this students coming through those doors are students that previously were forgotten about. So why wouldn’t you want a larger student base? Why wouldn’t you want to offer what no one else in your catchment area is offering? The fact is you want this, and Sohei International is the leader, bringing this to you!  Imagine implementing a tantra or Shugendo Yoga program, possibly a shamanic teaching for higher belt ranks, or adding a healing program; by doing so you set yourself apart, set a new standard and add success to your school and program.

All successful schools share commonalities:

1.     They Attract a Consistent Flow of New Students.
Most businesses close within the first 3 years of operation because of a lack of customers. Martial Arts and Yoga schools are no different. There are many great instructors without any students to teach. Lots of instructors either do nothing to attract new students or do something only when things aren't looking so good. Successful schools attract new students each month-- even if you have great student retention you will still lose students. Implementing training received by Sohei International will push students in your door and keep them in your school.


2.     They Keep Their Existing Students
It is not good if your new students are coming in through the front door and then leaving just as fast out the back door. If you are always looking for the next great advert you could be constantly running on the mouse wheel. The key is to build lifelong relationships with your students founded on trust and respect.
Continue to grow yourself, learn, and share that with your students. We all know of senior students who have left their schools because they felt there was nothing left for them to learn, or they outgrew their teacher. Sohei International can help you with your training and to grow your curriculum.


3.     They Have a Well Designed Curriculum
A Yoga and Martial Arts curriculum should be like an inverted pyramid; less material for students to learn at the beginning and much more material at the top. However, most schools are the other way around and they often overwhelm beginners with too many different techniques and expect too much from them. Ultimately, this causes a high number of dropouts. On the other hand when a student goes through a curriculum such as this and finally achieves the coveted black belt or senior student status, they then find out there is nothing more to learn and they sit twiddling their thumbs for 6 months going through one or two new techniques. A good curriculum should motivate your students and not discourage them by its design. Taking the certifications and trainings offered by Sohei International does just that!


4.     They Set Goals and Put All Their Energy into Achieving Them
Have you ever tried to hit something that's not there to hit? It’s impossible. We know how important it is to help our students set goals and setting goals for your school is no less important. Setting goals gives you direction and a fixed outcome to set your sights on. After setting a goal all that is left to do is to break the goal down into small pieces and get to work. Prioritize! Organize your steps. Whatever is most important and pertinent to your business should be at the top of your list. For example, your goal could be to have 100 students by the end of the year, or to develop a certain number of black belts or achieve a certain level of income. The owners of successful schools have clear cut goals ranging up to 5 years into the future with yearly, monthly and daily income objectives. To achieve a high level of success you must have goals. So set the goal with Sohei International and take a seminar, tantra certification, Shugendo Yoga certification or possibly learn escrima or herbology. Then be the expert in your school and set the standard and add a new finically viable program.  


5.     The Head and Senior Instructors are Always Training and Advancing His Knowledge

The head instructor sets the pace of the school. Owners of successful schools are constantly adding to their knowledge base in all areas; martial arts, healing arts, yoga systems, personal development, and business. They are thirsty for more and recognize that to become more successful they have to know more and be able to think differently (if you will, “boldly go where no one has gone before.”). Progressing and learning helps to keep your motivational juices flowing and this affects your energy levels. Your students can easily determine your skill level and your improvements just as easily as you can determine theirs. Successful head instructors are always looking to improve their curriculum and systems and never allow things to slide; and they are not afraid to travel or spend the money, knowing it will come back 10-fold if they apply it


Sohei International has over 50 years combined of experience in martial arts, healing arts, yoga, and shamanic studies. Sohei International is the leader, setting the industry standard  in taking the Ancient Ways of traditional cultures and making it available for the 21st Century; with a major emphasis on martial arts and yoga. Check us out, register for a seminar or learn how you can bring training to you.

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