Sohei International

January 1, 2011, Smithfield, RI- Manefest a New Year's Resolution 

NEW YEAR Resolution.pdf NEW YEAR Resolution.pdf
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January 15-16, 2011, Smithfield,  RI- Shamanic Journey Class and Warriors Rite of Passage

15 jan shamanic.pdf 15 jan shamanic.pdf
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 The Cuzian Experience:

January 29, - Febuary 7, 2011.  Martial, Mystical, Restorative Arts, and Shamanic Training.

Point of Contact: Hanshi Alda Anduze, Sansu Dojo  (340) 718-1274 (landline) or (340) 513-3670 (mobile)

 Febuary 19-20, 2011, Smithfield, RI- White Lotus Tantra, White Tantra Intensive, Level 1 Teacher certification

White Lotus Tantra short

WLT feb2011.pdf WLT feb2011.pdf
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White Tantra consists of.pdf White Tantra consists of.pdf
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April 9, 2011 Shugendo Yoga Introduction. Milford, NH

Apri milford shugendo[1].pdf Apri milford shugendo[1].pdf
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 April 29, -May 1, 2011, Smithfield, RI- Red/Orange Level (Apprentice/Assistant) Shugendo Yoga Teacher Certification

Shugendo Yoga short


shugendo teacher 2011.pdf shugendo teacher 2011.pdf
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Type : pdf

Intro to Shugendo Yoga. Lindsay, Ontario, Canada  June 12, 2011

canada Shugendo Yoga.pdf canada Shugendo Yoga.pdf
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